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Dawn of Dreams Interview on The Metal Observer

With their single, “Angel Eyes,” continuing to gain listeners on a daily basis, Dawn of Dreams continues to spread the word with an interview in The Metal Observer’s June issue.

Guitarist Tim Toskas discusses the band, working with Dan Swano, the “labels” and stigma often associated with metal genres, and much more.

You can read the entire interview at The Metal Observer by clicking here or using the link below.

Edge of Existence – “Slaves in a Free World” and “Inhale/Exhale”

I nearly forgot about this!

Edge of Existence did a few more tracks with HMR after completing their debut album, A World of Decay. Here are two of them!

Slaves in a Free World:


Dawn of Dreams – Angel Eyes

Check out this new track from Dawn of Dreams, produced and recorded by HMR Music, and mastered by Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale).

Record with HMR Music – $120 per song INCLUDING MASTERING

Looking to record a demo or an album? Record with HMR Music!

The cost: $120 per song from start to finish, including mastering.

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Edge of Existence – Struggling to Survive

Check out “Struggling to Survive”, an awesome track on Edge of Existence’s debut album A World of Decay.

Edge of Existence – A Feeling of Breakdown (EXCLUSIVE TRACK!)

An exclusive track from Edge of Existence’s debut album A World of Decay.

Edge of Existence – Debut Album “A World of Decay” Ready for Release!

The end of 2010 saw a milestone in HMR Music’s short history: the first full-length album produced by the label!

Edge of Existence has completed their debut album, titled A World of Decay.

You can hear samples on their MySpace page, at

Or you can listen to an exclusive track by clicking here: Edge of Existence – A Feeling of Breakdown (this track is not on their MySpace page!)

If you are looking for an affordable ($100-$120 per song from start to finish!) studio, check out the music above. If you like what you hear, contact us right away!

About HMR Music

HMR Music was founded in 2007 by Chas Denonno and Andrew Jouan. HMR promotes the local Rock, Punk, and Metal music scene with music releases and live shows at discount prices. We don’t rip you off like everyone else does, with $15 CDs and $10 shows where you only like one band. We’ve grown up with that, and we know how much it sucks. So we decided to do something about it.

The HMR philosophy is that music should be accessible to everyone, old or young. Our shows are always ALL AGES, and ticket prices are always lower than the other clubs in the area (plus those clubs are usually 21+). We want everyone who wants to see a show to be able to come out and have fun with some of the best local bands around.

HMR Music is not what you’re used to in today’s scene. It’s what you expect out of today’s scene. is back!

It took quite some time, but is back and (we assume) better than ever!

We have a lot of new things planned for the site. We’re gonna make sure you keep coming back for more!